Babyhood design our mattresses to suit your baby, so they offer optimum ergonomic support, this is achieved through the quality of the springs.

We use a high quality bonnell spring, these are hourglass-shaped and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil and tied. All the individual springs are then tied together using spring wire, and the completed structure is reinforced with a strong border wire to retain the shape and form a mat. A round helical crosswise connects each single spring to a spring unit.

Different thickness (being the gauge) of wire in the springs makes a harder or softer mattress. For your baby, the Australian Standard recommends a firmer mattress, so our mattresses have a lower gauge. The number of springs per mattress type is one of the key quality characteristics of a bonnell spring mattress which support for your baby’s body through their head, neck, back and spine.

Your baby needs support from their mattress when they sleep but their mattress also needs to support them as they begin to stand in their cot. Most older bubs once they wake, will stand up against the drop side of their cot. If their mattress does not support them adequately, they can slip and their legs can fall through the slats of their cot, causing them injury. To ensure your baby is supported the bonnell springs in our innerspring mattresses are surrounded by a tempered steel frame, which supports the sides of our innerspring mattresses.