Traditionally many parents looked for soft and squishy mattresses, but medical experts advise that these are not safe. The reason that they are not safe is that your newborn can settle into the mattress causing their respiratory passages to compress, so it is harder for them to breath or roll out off, if they roll forward. This may result in air occlusion and suffocation.

A non-mandatory Australian Standard (AS/NZS 8811-1:2013 – Sleep Surface Test for Firmness) has been developed for infant mattresses. Babyhood were the first brand in Australia, to work with the Queensland Government to review the draft Standard and the test methodology. This methodology, tests the firmness of a mattress.

How firm should a cot mattress be?

The Australian Standard requires that the cot mattress to be firm for an infant, so look for a mattress that is tested to the Australian Standard. Many parents are surprised when they first feel a cot mattress, as they are so firm. These mattresses are safe and ideal for your baby.